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01. Feb 12

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Giving Birth More Than Once Lead To Weight Gain An...

Women have long bemoaned the fact that as they have more children, their weight gain from pregnancy becomes more difficult to lose. A new study using a mouse model that mimics the human effects of

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Fructose Sweetener Tied to Heart Risks in Teens - ...

Teens who consume large amounts of the food and beverage sweetener fructose show evidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk in their blood, a new study finds.

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Helpful Ways To Get Pregnant

We provide excellent information on very helpful ways to assist you in getting pregnant.

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Weekly Shot Gets FDA Nod for Type 2 Diabetes - Med...

The FDA has given its nod to Bydureon, making it the first weekly treatment for type 2 diabetes, according to drug's manufacturer.

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Venezuelans line up to switch PIP breast implants

The office of plastic surgeon Ignacio Sousa is so packed that women are lined up outside the door. College students in their 20s, housewives in their 40s, middle-class office workers: nearly all are f...

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How To Get Pregnant Tip

We provide some excellent tips on how to get pregnant.

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Bronchoalveolar Lavage And Lung Clearance Index De...

The lung clearance index (LCI) is a sensitive non-invasive marker of early lung disease in young children with cystic fibrosis (CF), according to a new study from Australian researchers.

19. Jan 12

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New Insights Into Antibiotics And Pig Feeds

Antibiotics in pig feed increased the number of antibiotic resistant genes in gastrointestinal microbes in pigs, according to a study conducted by Michigan State University and the U.S. Department

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How to Give Birth to a Girl

By carefully choosing when to have intercourse, ie by having sex when your body is most likely to be fertile, you are more likely to get pregnant.

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Are Wood-Burning Stoves Harmful Or Safe?

Wood-burning stoves are a popular source of heating in many countries. However in recent years there has been much debate about the potential negative health effects associated with wood smoke. A


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